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Heart Wisdom – Teaching people to delight in inward truth. As the Lord teaches me, so I will teach others.
Faith through Healing ministries began through the process of writing my memoir. Which is in the process of being published. I am learning through my recovery experience as I am healing from traumatic life experiences, my faith grows. I've found this experience to be real for many people on different occasions, recovering from things which cause brokeness. Brokeness is an interesting term that we use to describe how we feel or a season of life that is not going well. We will say things like, “Oh, this really broke me.” Or “I am broken, because we are sad, discouraged, etc. but Friends, listen, what we are saying is this, “The image that God has designed for me is broken. What God has created is broken.” I would love to share the heart wisdom I have learned over the years as God has restored and redeemed me. The Lord has given me victory in many areas of life. I have taken the long hard, often painful journey from the victim-survivor to overcomer–thriver. God has helped me overcome addiction, low self-esteem, self-hate, same-sex attraction and many other areas by showing me who I am on the inside. The secret place. As I find my identity in Christ, the Holy Spirit restores the image the Father had of me before forming the world. I am still a work in progress, like you, but I know that God has brought us together for such a time as this. I look forward to learning from you, sharing our lives and learning the heart wisdom God has placed in each of us.
Blessings Friends,
A Smile,
Pastor Jenn


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